'A crash course in clown'

Performance classes

I facilitate clown classes and workshops for performers, improvers and the curious.

Through a series of games and exercises your natural reactions to situations will be visible to each other.

These will encourage moments of just pure funny and sometimes expose the struggle. We like to see both.

The real beauty of clown is that it is unique to the individual.

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Teaching qualities include

  • Enthusiastic and passionate approach to teaching
  • Instilling confidence in participants
  • Accommodating different learning styles
  • A patient approach to all learners
Students of clown
The Circus Guy performance classes at Circomedia


Wayne's clown course was outstanding, I learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. I would not hesitate to book onto a future course of his as it was challenging however I felt guided through the whole process. If you go with an open mind you will definitely take something very worth while away. He gave us tools to use in our own work which is always very useful, as well as pushing personal and group boundaries in a fun, energetic and safe environment. 5 stars from me!
A great course! I started to understand what I wanted to do with these clowning skills. A lot of self exploration but that's what needs to happen in this environment. A great course. Anyone who wants to up their performance game needs to take this. Highly recommended!